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Bruce Cook Live brings you the hottest issues and people that are making news. Covers topics from culture wars, religion, politics, race, scandal and controversy in business, sports and society at large.

With diverse talent, Cook started his career following graduation from The University of Southern California in 1974. He was hired by the CBS Television Network after he came to the producers with a concept that was ultimately transformed into Bicentennial Minutes. He rose to West Coast production supervisor for CBS Sports. “Television City”, Hollywood, called him back to work on the “Carol Burnett Show”, “All in the Family”, plus many other major entertainment programs. By 1978 he was the youngest producer in Hollywood of a network television comedy, “The Redd Foxx Show.”

It was 1980 when Cook was summoned to Paramount Studios to interview for a producer position on a syndicated television format that would change the medium forever. The show was “Entertainment Tonight” and he was hired to help start the production and was in fact instrumental in securing its

place on the airwaves, where E.T. has remained for the past 32 years. Nominated for two national Emmy Awards in the process, Cook also helped to launch “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” with Robin Leach, which was a spinoff of Entertainment Tonight in 1985.

Ever present in multimedia, Cook has owned his own radio talk show, and he is the Creator/Publisher of Grand Tour Magazine, Editor of Bay Window Magazine, Columnist for Los Angeles Times/Daily Pilot and author of eight published books.

Awards and Nominations:
Entertainment Tonight/ Entertainment This Week Emmy Award
-Outstanding Informational Series for: “Entertainment Tonight” (1983) & (1984)
(Emmy’s)Bruce Cook, Coordinating Producer;George Merlis (executive producer) Jim Bellows (executive producer) Vin Di Bona (producer) (Syndicated)


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