Career Opportunities at AM 830

We seek the help of local community organizations in referring qualified job candidates to the station or distributing information about job vacancies.

Station KLAA, Orange/Los Angeles, California, provides broad outreach regarding job vacancies at the station. We seek the help of local community organizations in referring qualified job candidates to the station or distributing information about job vacancies.

Interested community organization that wish to receive job vacancy information must fill out the attached “Community Organizations Notification Request Form” and submit it via the website, or print it and fax the completed form to 714-940-2589, or mail the completed form to the following address:

2000 Gene Autry Way
Anaheim, Ca 92806

KLAA is an Equal Opportunity Employer and we encourage all qualified persons of any race, ethnicity, gender, religion, and age to apply for job vacancies.

Thank you!

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Board Operator

Reporting to the Chief Engineer & Operations Manager, the Board Operator will handle all of the necessary functions that relate to the operating of the radio station’s sound equipment which support any and all programming elements broadcast on AM 830 such as live shows, recorded shows, commercials, remotes, recorded program elements, sound effects, etc. and ensures that all program elements run and air as scheduled.  The Board Operator must be familiar with and have a working knowledge of all technical equipment that relates to broadcasts of the stations’ shows and remote shows and games as well as controlling the sound levels of on air hosts, guests, and callers.

Job Duties

  • Operates the sound equipment (the sound board) ensuring that proper levels are achieved, and that the overall quality of the sound going out over the air is of the highest and most professional quality.
  • Oversees the timing of live and recorded programs.
  • Adheres to and maintains daily program logs during work shift and hand writes on the log any and all discrepancies that might have occurred during a broadcast including commercials that either ran incorrectly or that were missed/bumped, etc.
  • Knows how to screen calls, and knows how to place callers on the air with hosts.
  • Responsible for picking up all necessary satellite feeds for shows airing and scheduled.
  • Responsible for “LISTENING” to the shows being aired during work shift!
  • Responsible for the station being on the air; and reports any “dead air”.
  • Responsible for hitting the “MUTE” button should a caller use inappropriate language.
  • Maintains a working knowledge of FCC rules and regulations.
  • Is able to assist with remote broadcasts from either location.
  • Reports all malfunctions and glitches in aired programs immediately to Chief Engineer, General Manager, and to Program Director and notes the time and type of occurrence.
  • Takes regular transmitter readings and maintains transmitter logs.
  • Listens for station’s Legal ID to run within all programming including sports and reports any discrepancies.
  • Administers weekly EAS (Emergency Alert System) tests and records/logs results.
  • Understands how to edit, record, and produce and mix sound: commercials, brokered shows or network shows; spec spots, etc.  Must know all stations editing and sound mixing software.

Minimum Requirements

  • Need a minimum of one year of board operator experience for live talk show, sports play by play and syndicated programming.
  • Must have experience in digital  editing  using Adobe Audition along with familiarity with OMT or Nexgen systems
  • Must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Must also have basic knowledge of MS office products, i.e., MS Word and Windows environment.
  • Must be able to multitask
  • Must be able to work days/evenings/weekends/holidays